Pricing & Discount

We provide customized rates to our students as per their requirements and needs.

Please write to us at for pricing and discount information

OR text us at LINE (ID: 22113311441155) with following details:

Your Requirement: ________ (see the codes from the list below – Type of Work)

Description/Detail (if any): ___________________

Level of Degree: _____________ (Diploma/BS/MS/PhD, etc – select one)

Time Duration in months: ___________________

Deadline (if available): _____________________

Country of Residence: ______________________

Are you applying for Group Discount? (if YES, tell number of individuals in it): _______

Fig.2 - Type of Work (v2)NOTE: if you are unable to find respective code or are confused about the type of work search the nearest code from the “Services We Offer” .